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New KapohoKine Adventures Store!

It's appropriate that the previous tenant at 25 Waianuenue Avenue in downtown Hilo was Phoenix Rising as that's how we feel at KapohoKine Adventures.  We worked for months putting together our store right on Hilo's bayfront, and as we talked about in our Fire in Hilo! newsletter, a tennant behind our store caught fire the day before we were set to open.  We immediately began looking for another space as it became obvious that the damage to our space was not going to be repaired easily.  Our climbing wall necessitated high ceilings which seriously limited our prospects, but we lucked out when we found the historic Volcano Block Building on Waianuenue Avenue in downtown Hilo.

Our amazing team worked tirelessly to get the new space ready.  The few things that could be salvaged from the wreckage of the old store took a trolley ride around the corner to the new one.  Paint went on the walls, and the climbing wall was assembled.  The store really started to come together, but there was nothing to put in it!  All of our merchandise was ruined by the fire, and it took some time to get orders placed and delivered.

Patagonia at KapohoKine Adventures

Merchandise has arrived, and in the meantime we have added a full line of Patagonia adventure gear.  We've got everything from light weight and breathable convertible pants for men and women, to waterproof jackets, and even backpacks and travel bags.  We can also sell other tours around the island through our licensed activity desk.  Guests have booked ATV tours to the rim of Waipio, helicopter tours of the island, the best bike tour to the volcano, and even whale watching snorkeling tours in Kona.

We knew the climbing wall would appeal to younger folks, but we had no idea how appealing the wall would be to older "kids"!  Zipline guests for Honolii Mountain Outpost check in at the store, and can play around on the wall while they wait for their tour to organize.  It's a great way to get the adrenaline pumping before heading out to the zipline course.  Our KapohoKine Adventures guests booked on a volcano tour from Kona also stop in at the store and play on the wall.

A couple of kids enjoying the KapohoKine Adventures climbing wall

It's been a few months of hard work to get things going, but like the phoenix rising from the ashes, our KapohoKine Adventures store is reborn and ready for action!

KapohoKine Adventures store staff:  Paige, Ericka, Wilson KapohoKine Adventure store entrance at 25 Waianuenue Avenue Kapena climbs with style KapohoKine Adventures' Store KapohoKine Adventures climbing wall Satisfied climber ready for the volcano tour Guest enjoying the climbing wall Climbing to the top Kapena with the assist Kapena spots Patagonia at KapohoKine Adventures store Shopping for Patagonia Checking out

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